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Officially got my ship date

So looks like I’m shipping out April 22nd 2014 for Air Force basic training. I finally got the TACP contract I’ve been waiting on. Now im actually a little nervous because now i have something to look forward to. Its been a long wait but now its all coming together. Well if anyone else has a April 22nd Ship PM me and we can be bootcamp buddies haha.

iaintasian82 asked:

Hey man, I've been in dep since january and am leaving december 17 for my tacp job. I know what your going through and how it feels like a waste of time waiting around. Hang in there, we all had to wait a long time compared to other jobs,its worth it

hey man i just saw this messge by now im assuming your in bmt and i wish you the best of luck when you get out nd have a chance drop me a line and let me know your experiences

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